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Need custom embroidered garments for your event?

  • Can I purchase an item from a previous event?
    Yes! You can purchase items from previous events under the "Shop" page. If you don't find the event you're looking for, complete the form on this page to let me know which event/items you're looking for.
  • If I choose items for an event, do I get my own event page?"
    Yes! If you would like to have emboidered items available for your event, you will have your own page with a list of all the available products that you want for sale.
  • How do I get my event set up?
    It's easy! Just take the following steps: Fill out the form on the "Event Set Up" page, just let me know when your event is and we will get on the phone. Select the items you want to have available for your event from the following website: I will set up your own page and items available for sale once we're ready to get started.
  • How long before people can buy items off your website for my event?
    That depends on how many items you choose to make available for your event. But a general standard is 1-2 weeks.
  • Can I have my own artwork printed or embroidered?
    The short answer is yes, but it would need to be processed so our machine understands it. I can send it to a digitizer and get you a free quote to see how much it will cost to redesign your artwork so that we can work with it.
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